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Concept Artist, Art Director, Game Developer

Vienna / Berlin / Bucharest

Randis was born in Russia in 1978 and grew up in Germany. When he turned 14 he had his first solo art exhibition and with 15 he started doing illustration work for smaller book publishers. At the age of 21 Randis started working as a Lead Designer for Massive Development , then took on the role of the Art director. 

After working on several AAA titles at Massive Randis became a freelance and since then worked on various IPs for a very wide range of international clients, such as Disney, Wizards of the Coast - Magic the gathering, Destroy all Humans, Desperados, Sponge Bob, Aquanox, Darksiders, Riot Games - League of Legends, red Faction, Expeditions, Chronos, Kingdoms of Amalur, Human Head - Rune II, Defiance, Turtles, Star Wars, Codemasters and many others. 

Currently: Senior Art Director at THQ Nordic

Founder, COO, Production Director, Art Director at Grimm Bros LLC

January 2013 - Present

Philadelphia, United States of America


Art Director at Massive Black Shanghai

January 2012 - January 2012

Shanghai, China


Founder, CEO, Art director at Toy Golem

January 2010 - January 2012

Bangkok, Thailand


Art Director at Massive Development

January 2001 - January 2004

Mannheim, Germany

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